• Industry  4.0 innovation R&D center
    Industry 4.0 innovation R&D center

    Luculent takes organic combination of IT and modern management to assist our customers in establishing their smart plants with the techniques of plant ...

  • Smart, Green, Sharing
    Smart, Green, Sharing

    Luculent is committed to intelligence research as well as 3D visual management of park construction, operation and maintenance through comprehensive ...

  • Make our city smarter
    Make our city smarter

    For multiple groups and units, establish a comprehensive management center of the smart city, measure, analyze and integrate key information related ...


About  us

Luculent takes “becoming the Chinese pioneer and leader of intelligent construction” as its corporate vision and “urban, park and factory management performance improvement by digital measures” as its missions with its core values of “customer orientation, professionalism and enterprising spirit, teamwork, honesty and justice” so as to create ...


Cooperative  Enterprises

  • 中国华能集团公司 中国大唐 中国华电集团 中国国电 国家电投 国家电网
    中国电建 中国核建 中国建材 航天科工 中国石化 华为
  • 中国石化 华为 阿里巴巴 新华社 投资管理有限公司 晋能集团
    河北建设 杭州锦江集团 中国泛海 中国铝业 中国节能 中核集团
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